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Nursing Home Aide Arrested for Abusing Elderly Woman
Nursing Home Aide Arrested for Abusing Elderly Woman

Nurse's Aide Arrested For Abuse

A nurse's aide at Hudson Park Rehabilitation and Nursing Center in Albany, New York, was arrested Friday, charged with the physical and mental abuse of an elderly woman.

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said Sarina Francis of Troy was charged with endangering the welfare of a vulnerable elderly person or an incompetent or physically disabled person; willful violation of health laws; and endangering the welfare of an incompetent or physically disabled person, the Albany Times-Union reports.

According to the attorney general’s news release, on August 17, when Francis was taking the woman to her room, the woman became combative and hit Francis in the face. Francis then allegedly grabbed the woman’s wrist, twisting her arm behind her head and fracturing her wrist. Francis also allegedly hit the woman in the face with her own hand and with a pair of urine-soaked briefs, according to the Times-Union.

Preventing abuse of the elderly at the hands of their caregivers is an urgent concern as increasing numbers of families search for skilled and compassionate care for elderly family members. People with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia, stroke and cardiac patients, people with mental illness or retardation, and people with limited mobility or inability to communicate are all at risk of abuse at the hands of caregivers. Elder care advocates say that many nursing homes and rehabilitation facilities are understaffed and personnel are poorly trained, creating the potential for abuse as too few staff members struggle to care for too many patients. Experts say family and friends must be alert to the signs of abuse and neglect and promptly report suspected mistreatment.

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Daniel EllisApril 10, 2011Hello,I attend Oakland unitirsevy and we will be starting a Nursing home ministry next week at Rochester Hills Medilodge.This is through the Intervarsity Christian Group. Our plan is to visit with the people 1-2 hours every week. We already connected with the nursing home and will do our orientation next wednesday. How can we connect this ministry with what you are doing?
By Audrey on 11/11/2015
April 19, 2011We have talked about doing a siaimlr ministry in the Troy Area. Does anyone know of an existing ministry in the area that we could get plugged in to?Contact me by e-mail at
By Vishal on 11/12/2015
The nursing field is so tough job and it is caring and related to care about the public. So, this job needs the patience and lots of the bareness. This nurse is not doing their job so well and should to punish her due to this wrong act but if they all get assignment service help from our qualified assistance then it will be easy to maintain their work.
By Jared M. Baca on 7/17/2017
The whole article is actually about the new yourk Nursing Home. I think this is good learning platform for the interesting medical students. I have found the official statement related to it which you have described here.
By Ajaka7 on 10/6/2017

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Nursing Home Aide Arrested for Abusing Elderly Woman
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A nurse's aide at Hudson Park Rehabilitation and Nursing Center in Albany, New York, was arrested Friday, charged with the physical and mental abuse of an elderly woman.
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