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New York Not Firing Abusive Nursing Home Employees
New York Not Firing Abusive Nursing Home Employees

New York Abusive Nursing Home Employees

New York is allowing abusive and neglectful nursing home employees to keep their jobs even after they’ve admitted their dangerous behavior.

According to a New York Times report, the state allows many nursing home employees who care for the disabled to remain employed even after some have been found committing unspeakable acts against residents under their care. The report detailed some shocking incidents that did not result in termination of the employee at the state-run nursing home:

  • Biting a patient’s ear
  • Sending a threatening text message to a resident, saying: “I’ll gut you like a fish …”
  • Leaving a resident naked and bleeding from the head on the bathroom floor. The resident was forced to lay in their own feces.
  • Knocking a resident out of a chair, hitting them on the back of the head, and squirting water in their face

The New York TImes reports that each employee in the four incidents listed above was found guilty of these acts in a disciplinary hearing but were allowed to keep their jobs. The report was skeptical of Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who had promised changes in the quality of care of the mentally and physically disabled living in state nursing homes.

Multiple Reports Lead To Similar Conclusions

This report was a follow-up to a report the New York Times published more than two years ago, which found that many abusive and neglectful nursing home employees the state hired were never fired. Blame for allowing these employees to continue with their job is point at several factors: the arbitration process, the union that provides the employees, and lax state officials. Even after the state recommends that an abusive nursing home employee lose their job, many are allowed to stay. Nearly three years after that review, New York still only manages to fire about 25 percent of the nursing home employees found to be neglectful or abusive.

As we have been reporting, the amount of New Yorkers who will eventually need the services of a nursing home is only going to rise. More facilities are being built but budgets and staffing are stretched thin to deal with the demand. Based on The New York Times’ reporting, even known abusive caretakers are being allowed to keep their jobs.

This fact only puts more residents across New York at risk of being injured or abused or worse because of the poor care they’re receiving.

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New York Not Firing Abusive Nursing Home Employees
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New York is allowing abusive and neglectful nursing home employees to keep their jobs even after they’ve admitted their dangerous behavior.

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